Trump’s Election Integrity Commission Prevented From Meeting Due To Litigation. Why Is Secure Voter ID So Controversial?

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Mexico has secure voter ID. Why can’t we?
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Alan Wall
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2 January 2018
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National News
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... From The Hill:

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said in a new interview that President Trump’s election integrity panel has been unable to meet for months due to several lawsuits against the panel. “Much of the past few months has been spent by commission staff answering discovery requests for information and drafting affidavits and things that like – going through the legwork of litigation, and that takes time,” Kobach said, the Topeka Capital-Journal reported Saturday [December 30th]. “I’m not aware of any presidential commission that has encountered so much litigation from special interest groups,” he added.

Kobach: Election integrity commission has been ‘bogged down in litigation’

By Brett Samuels, The Hill, December 31, 2017

These “special interest groups” have a special interest in us not having secure voter ID. Why could that be?...

Think about it. A government panel is formed to study “election integrity” and it’s target of “advocacy groups”.

I get the impression that some people in our society just don’t want us to have secure voter ID.

Mexico has secure voter ID. Why can’t we?