Trump’s Failing. Don’t Ask Me to Lie About it

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Ann Coulter
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Article date: 
21 February 2019
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National News
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... While I admire people’s loyalty to the first presidential candidate to speak honestly about America’s problems, what if they’re being loyal to a false front? 
The bill President Trump signed last Friday is worse than anything Hillary could ever have gotten through Congress. ...
So far, Trump has spent 25 months not building the wall, capped last Friday by his signing a bill that will make it monumentally more difficult to do so. 
Right before the midterm elections, Trump also promised an executive order on anchor babies. As with the wall, we’re still waiting. 
— Trump still hasn’t hired Kris Kobach — probably the only guy in the country who could make the Hail Mary pass work. 
— Since Trump signed the bill, Vice President Pence has re-hired Koch brothers’ shill Marc Short, whose main mission seems to be blocking a wall and passing an amnesty bill — just as the Koch brothers would want. ...
Trump’s other top advisers just turned away the Angel Moms from the White House. ...