Trump’s Immigration Moratorium A Huge Win For America - Now He MUST Campaign On It

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25 June 2020
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National News
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President Trump did something right Monday: He extended and expanded his temporary immigration moratorium and fundamentally changed immigration policy to Put Americans First. Most guest worker visas, including the H-1B visa, are excluded from entry under the new ban and the order is extended until the end of the year. The order is taking flak from all the worst people, a sure sign it’s over the target. It might signal Trump’s return to his old self—the Jared Kushner agenda isn’t helping him in the polls, so it’s time to deliver what the Silent Majority voted for in 2016.

Trump seemed to be rising from the dead when he announced the first moratorium in April. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to the hype. Jared Kushner was the culprit. He gutted the original order that specifically excluded nearly all guest workers outside agriculture and healthcare. He claimed it hurt business interests [Jared Kushner pushes back on Trump’s immigration ban, by Amber Athey, The Spectator, April 21, 2020].

The new order corrects most of these mistakes. The new order bans:

  • H-1B visas, the favored visa of the tech industry
  • H-4 visas, which primarily go to the spouses of H-1B visa holders
  • H-2B visas, which cover blue-collar nonagricultural U.S. jobs
  • L visas, which goes to foreign executives who get transferred by their international company to the U.S.
  • J-1 visa, which goes to foreigners in work- and study-based “cultural exchange” programs....