Trump administration waives environmental laws to build border wall

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The environmental damage from illegal immigration on the border is massive
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LA Times
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10 October 2018
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National News
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With construction of what President Trump calls the first 40 miles of new border wall already underway across the nation’s southern boundary, federal officials have announced this week they’re waiving nearly 30 environmental laws in Texas to expedite additional building in the interest of homeland security.
Opponents called the waivers “catastrophic.”
“Waiving laws meant to protect border residents and ecosystems shows the Trump administration’s contempt for the rule of law,” said Scott Nicol, co-chairman of the Sierra Club’s Borderlands Team....
The latest waivers concern stretches of planned border wall and gates in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, the most heavily trafficked illegal border crossing in the country, where 137,000 immigrants [illegal aliens] were caught last fiscal year, the Department of Homeland Security noted in an announcement. Officials have said they plan to begin building 25 miles of border barriers there in February....


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