Trump Can’t Defend Our Border, So He Should Attack Iran! Wait—What?

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James Kirkpatrick
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Article date: 
18 June 2019
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National News
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... The border situation is so outrageous it appears like something out of a black comedy. “We are in a full blown emergency,” said acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner John Sanders, “and I cannot say this stronger: the system is broken”. [32% increase in migrants encountered or arrested at the southern border in May, by Priscilla Alvarez, CNN, June 5, 2019] Why is this happening? Migrants all over the world from Guatemala to Angola know the loopholes in immigration border enforcement imposed by a treasonous Leftist kritarchy...

These invaders are being dumped on local communities, seemingly randomly. Without notice, 350 Congolese were sent to San Antonio recently, leaving the city scrambling for interpreters. Mayors throughout Texas, even the Democrat mayor of Del Rio, are furious because dealing with invading migrants prevents local governments from spending money on streets, schools, and infrastructure. [Democrat border mayor goes ballistic over ‘dumping’ of illegal aliens in his town, by Daniel Horowitz, ConservativeReview, June 17, 2019]...

The Department of Homeland Security is actually facilitating the invasion, dropping off illegals by bus in communities in the Southwest... Even alleged cartel members are claiming asylum right after their gunfights....

Remember, President Trump has the authority to solve this problem without Congress. The Supreme Court has already ruled that the president can impose a travel ban on certain countries. Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz argues the president has inherent powers under Article II to exclude asylum applicants from entering the country, authority that has been reaffirmed by Congress and repeatedly sanctioned by the Supreme Court. [No judge has jurisdiction to erase our border, ConservativeReview, November 26, 2018] He also, as we have repeatedly outlined at, has inherent powers to build border defenses that would not require Congress.

But Trump won’t do it—partially because he has inexplicably surrounded himself with political foes who won’t back strong action. Instead, he’s blaming the Democrats for not undertaking the “simple” measure of closing the “loopholes.”

Yet he has to know (at least I hope he does) that Democrats, who have radically shifted left on immigration in recent years, won’t help. Besides, the Democrats’ plan to simply import a new electorate is working—for them....