Trump Effect: Fox News Channel’s Brand Takes 50% Hit Among Republicans

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Media bias results in plummeting ratings
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27 February 2016
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National News
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...Fox News has a problem... According to a YouGov Brand Index survey, the perception of Fox News among Republicans has hit a three-year low, “has declined by approximately 50% since January of this year.”

Basically, perception of Fox News has returned to those bad old Dick Morris days after President Obama won re-election. Much of the fall has come in the last few months. There is no question that this precipitous drop is the result of Fox’s ongoing war with Donald Trump...
1) Bias
Whether or not you support Trump, FNC’s pro-Rubio/GOP Establishment bias is still as hard to swallow as the mainstream media’s left-wing bias. Bias is bias. It’s manipulative and dishonest, and no one likes to be manipulated or lied to.
MSNBC is left-wing. CNN is even more left-wing...
2) Cluelessness
When it came to grasping the Trump phenomenon, Fox News was every bit as clueless and caught off guard as the BubbleDumb in the mainstream media. A few of the opinion-driven FNC pundits, like Sean Hannity, Eric Bolling and Andrea Tantaros, saw the writing on the wall, but they were outliers...
And once the Trump phenomenon became achingly real, Fox either refused to acknowledge it, or pretended it wasn’t real...
Here is something I never thought I would write in my lifetime: CNN’s handling of the Republican debates has been infinitely more professional, unbiased, and fair than Fox News. It’s not even close. If you go back and look at the debates, CNN’s Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer have out-classed Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace, and Bret Baier by a wide margin.