Trump: I’ll End Birthright Citizenship. Your Move, DeSantis, Scott, Haley et al.!

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Washing Watcher II
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3 June 2023
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National News
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Donald Trump made Birthright Citizenship a top issue in the 2024 presidential campaign this week, and indeed might have made it the issue. His promise to eliminate it invited a spasm of hysteria on Twitter and in the leftist Main Stream Media. But the noise didn’t matter. What mattered was Trump’s injecting this critical issue back into the political discourse. All by itself, ending Birthright Citizenship would checkmate the Democrats’ drive to Elect A New People through mass illegal immigration: babies born to illegals would not be American citizens and would hence be ineligible to vote.

GOP elected officials have ignored this for far too long, even as millions of illegal aliens have invaded the country and threatened to permanently Replace the Historic American Nation. Now, Republicans must take a stand, and the ones who want to be the nominee will share Trump’s view...

Millions of illegals can now drop Anchor Babies who will be American citizens, which as a practical matter makes the parents non-deportable and enable them to establish a beachhead here. But Republicans seem blind...


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