Trump Promises to Swiftly Remove Criminal Illegal Aliens On Day One

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Trump still on target regarding immigration law enforcement
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28 August 2016
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National News
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Donald Trump promised to start “removing criminal illegal immigrants” on day one during his speech in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday at Sen. Joni Ernst’s second annual Roast and Ride when he spoke to roughly two-thousand supporters.

“On Day One, I am going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country – including removing the hundreds of thousands of criminal illegal immigrants that have been released into U.S. communities under the Obama-Clinton Administration,” the Republican nominee stated.

Trump’s comments come after speculation that the New Yorker was waffling on his immigration stance — specifically on deportation. He has continuously promised to deport illegal criminals whom he calls the “bad ones.”

...Trump proclaimed...

In this task, we will always err on the side of protecting the American people – we will use immigration law to prevent crimes, and will not wait until some innocent American has been harmed or killed before taking action.

I am going to build a great border wall, institute nationwide e-verify, stop illegal immigrants from accessing welfare and entitlements, and develop an exit-entry tracking system to ensure those who overstay their visas are quickly removed. If we don’t enforce visa expiration dates, then we have an open border – it’s as simple as that.

I am also going to cancel all unconstitutional executive orders and empower rank-and-file ICE officers and Border Patrol officers to finally do the jobs they were hired for.



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Trump pledges to ‘track’ all immigrants to prevent visa overstays, RT, August 28, 2016.

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump promised to introduce a tracking system for all immigrants in order to make sure none overstay their visas. Anyone who breaks the rule could be deported immediately under his rule.

“If we don’t enforce visa expiration dates, then we have an open border – it’s as simple as that,” Trump pledged on Saturday during a campaign speech in Des Moines, Iowa.

Trump promised to introduce a monitoring system that would make it easy to remove illegal immigrants who overstay their visas.

He also pledged to create an e-verify system that would prohibit illegal immigrants from getting access to social benefits, such as welfare...


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