Trump Triumph - Caravan Stopped Cold In Central America

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Alan Wall
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9 October 2020
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National News
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President Trump has received too little credit for the hard-nosed policies that have persuaded Mexico and some Central American countries to stop illegal aliens down there before they reach our border. In March, for instance, in response to the Chinese Virus, he ordered the immediate deportation of apprehended illegals.
On October 30,  another “migrant” caravan was launched in Honduras, with hopes of marching to the United States. On October 1, about  4,000 caravanners simply crashed the border into Guatemala.  But within a few days, Guatemalan authorities stopped it. The migrants were mostly Hondurans, with smaller groups of other nationalities...
Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei, who tested positive for coronavirus in mid-September, authorized national and local governments to deal with the Honduran invasion. “We will not permit foreigners using illegal measures to contaminate Guatemalans and put them at risk,” the president vowed...
By October 3,  Guatemala had detained several thousand migrants in the vast and sparsely inhabited Guatemalan department of Peten...
Trump actually has a pattern of small immigration triumphs, achieved by executive action. But why should the Main Stream Media report them when he himself is not mentioning them in his re-election campaign?
Question: What happens if Joe Biden wins in November? Will he pressure Mexico and Central America to stop the caravans?...