Trump vs. the New World Order

Article author: 
Nelson Hultberg
Article publisher: 
Canada Free Press
Article date: 
28 March 2016
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National News
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... Yes, Trump is bombastic and sometimes crude... But if this bothers the squeamish of souls, they should read a history of political campaigns in the early days of America. Our past history of politics has been equally as scurrilous and sleazy, if not more so. This attitude is built into the political animal. Politics is a blood sport, not meant for milksops and sissies...

Trump’s strength is this. He possesses the ability to, as Ayn Rand said about Hank Rearden, “see through his own eyes.” This means he sees reality as it is, not as the Orwellian corrupters tell us it is in our disgraceful schools and contemptible media. He sees the lies, the propaganda, the half-truths, the cover ups, the fiscal insanity, the sinister conspiracies, and the egregious perfidy of America’s dominant intellectual-corporate-political class.
Throughout his adult life Trump has watched as most of the business and political leaders he dealt with have sold their souls to the World Government vision of oligarchs like George Soros. He has observed how our slimy Demopublican politicians and bankers have sold out the interests of the American people via trade deals that sixth-graders would realize are toxic for jobs and prosperity if they were explained at that level of schooling.
This has horrified Trump, this grotesque sellout of the America he loves, the America that gave him so much freedom, so much opportunity. Being the bodacious man of action that he is, he could not sit by and watch elites like George Soros, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Lloyd Blankfein, and Robert Rubin push for tax and trade policies that undercut the productive might of America in submission to a globalist, anti-nation-state vision for the world...
The vision of “world government” has been the goal of large numbers of influential American statesmen, intellectuals, and bankers ever since the end of World War II, with many precursor minds predating this march into the tyrannical muck of collectivism going back to the late 19th century. Soros, Rockefeller, et al are its modern leaders.
Their goal has been to make the world into a giant social welfare state akin to Sweden,but first in sections on a regional basis - like Orwell’s three regional governments of Oceania, Eurasia and East Asia. All the important decisions of governance will be mandated from world institutions such as the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank,the World Trade Organization, etc. And eventually an organized central governing body, complete with military and police drawn from all nations, will evolve into transcendent power. In essence it will be a world-wide form of Mussolini’s economic fascism.
Such a future, of course, is highly speculative and will take centuries to unfold. But the concept of “national sovereignty” is totally out of favor with all orthodox intellectuals in the modern day...
What is destroying America today is the ideological collectivism taught in our schools for the past 100 years, and its push to a New World Order. This push has resulted in the formation of powerful globalist groups such as the 5,000-member Council on Foreign Relations in New York and the 400-member Trilateral Commission in Washington. CFR elites have comprised the bulk of every presidential administration for the past 85 years,along with Trilateral elites since 1973..
They have sold us out to the United Nations. They have relentlessly subverted the meaning of America with anti-capitalist, anti-patriot, anti-freedom propaganda...
The neocon establishment and the liberals, of course, are petrified in face of his chutzpa and scathing campaign approach because they know what will happen if he becomes President. Trump will clean house... He will lower taxes. He will force the illegals to self-deport. He will scorn the nefarious U.N. He will pull out of NAFTA, the WTO, and the TPP. He will slash the godzilla bureaucracies. He will junk Common Core and send schooling back to the states. He will check Muslim terrorists at the border. He will organize a coalition to destroy ISIS...


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