The Truth About Race and Intelligence

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Breaking the most destructive taboo.
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Jared Taylor
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American Renaissance
Article date: 
14 October 2023
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Our American Future
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Breaking the most destructive taboo...


Sometimes, though, we're supposed to believe things even though all the evidence says, "No, that's not true." We're supposed to believe that the average black American is just as smart as the average white American. There is no evidence for this. All the evidence says no. Anyone who believes this has a lot of explaining to do...

Intelligence is, by far, the most carefully studied psychological trait. Any expert will tell you there is such a thing as intelligence, genes have a lot to do with it, IQ tests measure it, the tests aren't racially biased, and IQ scores can predict how well people do on things that require brains. If you don't believe these things - and there are still millions of people who don't - you are hopelessly out of touch...

... in America, whites have an average IQ score of 100 and blacks have an average of 85... East Asians, on the other hand, are twice as likely as whites to have IQs of 125 or higher. But this means you can’t get a representative number of blacks in top jobs - unless you lower standards...

There is a powerful new way to look at genes, called GWAS, or genome-wide association studies... You sequence the genes of many thousands of people and see which variants are associated with such things as autism, height, or intelligence. We can now make pretty good predictions...

Soon we will definitively know the truth about race, genes, and IQ. We already have the tools. We could find out right now with properly designed studies, but too many people are afraid of the truth. They prefer the fantasy of equality to the reality of inequality.

The consequences of this are terrible. If we insist races are equal, every black shortcoming has to be blamed on white supremacy, the legacy of slavery, white privilege, systemic racism, or whatever name we give to the latest explanation that denies reality. It's all the fault of white people.

Blaming whites does two things: It teaches blacks to hate us - and boy, do they.

It also manipulates guilty whites into supporting "diversity, equity, and inclusion," which means taking from whites and giving to blacks. Equal outcomes are not possible, so DEI will never end...


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