Video: Tucker Carlson Encounter: Dr. Naomi Wolf

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Tucker Carlson
Article date: 
9 April 2024
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National News
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Video Tucker Carlson Encounter: Dr. Naomi Wolf - on the China Virus, tyranny, and religion. A full hour video. If you are short for time, watch the first 15 to 30 minutes.



Commentary from Vlad Tepes blog:

This is quite enjoyable. But I think Tucker is way off on his attempt to nail a single attribute in terms of why some people did not take the vaxx despite the lies and pressure.

Tucker says it has to do with a strong family. Not my observation. Many strong happy families all got vaxxed to the max. Also were highly sanctimonious about it, and supported all the authoritarian measures the state imposed. Many marriages broke up over the question of to vaxx, or not to vaxx. Especially when it came to the kids.

No, the number one attribute I think that made it possible for some people to avoid the shots, was recalcitrance. Nothing to do with IQ, or any other aspect. People who are way above average IQ fall for most or all of the government-media complex dialectic attacks. Global warming, trans BS etc. It is those with an inate or learned distrust of authority and willingness to trust their own thinking over narratives, brighter than average or less bright than average, that escaped that trap.