Tucker Carlson Interviews Alex Jones

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Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones
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1 December 2023
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National News
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In this long-awaited interview, Alex Jones sits down with Tucker Carlson to discuss the real reason global elites are pushing for open borders. Alex Jones is the second most deplatformed American citizen, next to President Trump.

In the interview, Jones explains that he has been connecting the dots for 30 years. Jones's bombastic style may have been unsettling to some over the years. Yet Carlson came away from the interview with a new respect for Jones, agreeing with nearly everything he said. 


2:46 Alex Jones predictions
15:07 Deplatforming
21:59 Dividing us on race
25:37 The border
28:09 Austin
32:12 New World Order
42:09 Brian Stelter demon video
50:57 Depopulation
1:07:51 Food
1:13:51 Whiskey
1:16:22 Presidential election.  

Watch the interview on X: Tucker Carlson Ep. 46 The Alex Jones Interview.

Elon Musk restores the X account of Alex Jones after poll, 10 December 2023. A DuckDuckGo search for "Elon Musk restores the X account of Alex Jones after poll" returns pages of results. The huge majority of headlines are worded along the lines of "Elon Musk restores the X account of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones after poll." Incredible, yet not unexpected. Learn more about mainstream media censorship.