Tuition assistance to end for military, but not for illegal aliens

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Jim Kouri
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13 March 2013
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Colorado News
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Across the board budget cuts, a/k/a sequestration, has forced the Army, Marine Corps and Air Force to halt their tuition assistance programs which are important to America's warriors, according to Pentagon Press Secretary George Little on Tuesday. However, this week the state of Colorado announced it was extending in-state tuition to illegal aliens, which amounts to thousands of dollars per student...
In states such as Massachusetts and California, illegal aliens are being given tuition assistance, while the U.S. government is cutting tuition assistance to service members returning from the battlefield.

"The Commander in Chief is using budget cuts and sequester as an excuse to cause financial pain to as many Americans as possible. It’s yet another Obama crisis that is completely manufactured," claims former U.S. Marine, now a police officer, Lawrence Brown.

"In his goal of blaming the GOP, Obama supports states like Colorado, California, and Massachusetts who are lowering tuition for illegal aliens and giving the bill to taxpayers, and taking away our military's tuition assistance," Brown said.

"When an illegal alien is granted in-state tuition and admission to a state university, he or she is directly competing with American students for that educational slot. This competition is unfairly biased against American students in other states who must pay out-of-state tuition to attend the university, while the illegal alien student is given in-state tuition preference," according to Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform.

"The president doesn’t care if he hurts American citizens including the military who are at the top of his list of who will suffer the most," said political strategist Mike Baker. "Fox News Channel's Judge Andrew Napolitano claims Obama's actions -- to intentionally hurt American citizens -- is an impeachable offense. Yet the GOP has failed to blow the whistle."...