Two Colorado sheriffs and ACLU in legal fight over federal immigration holds

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El Paso, Teller county sheriffs sued after breaking with 4-year-old custom of ignoring ICE detainers
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The Denver Post
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27 August 2018
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Colorado News
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The ACLU of Colorado and two Colorado sheriffs are headed toward a legal showdown over whether the sheriffs can keep people in their jails solely at the request of federal immigration officials, potentially changing a 4-year-old tradition among the state’s 64 sheriffs of ignoring such detainer requests.

Lawsuits filed by the ACLU this year against El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder and Teller County Sheriff Jason Mikesell are being watched by sheriffs and immigration advocates across the state.

Some believe the cases will end up before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals after two state judges made contradictory early rulings. While two other circuits have ruled that sheriffs cannot hold people suspected of being in the country illegally beyond their scheduled release, the 10th Circuit, which has jurisdiction over Colorado, has not been asked to weigh in on the legality....



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