Two-In-Four: Six Fast Facts From Donald Trump’s First Immigration Report

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Neil Munro
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29 June 2017
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Our American Future
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Donald Trump told his deputies on March 6 to reveal government data about immigration which was largely hidden by former President Barack Obama.

Trump’s first quarterly report has now been posted by the Department of Homeland Security, and it contains a flood of jargon-tangled data.

But we’ll show you the six most important facts.

One-in-Four: Almost 600,000 legal immigrants got green cards in the six months from October 1 to the end of March. ...that’s basically 1.1 million a year or almost 100,000 every month. That huge inflow means the nation is getting roughly one new green-card foreigner for every four American babies born during the same six-month period...  the nation gets one new immigrant for every four Americans who turn 18.

One-in-five: Up to 214,000 temporary foreign workers arrived in the first quarter of Fiscal 2017, starting in October 2016, ending on Dec. 31. That’s basically 70,000 temporary workers per month... the important fact is that the quarterly inflow of roughly 200,000 temporary foreign workers adds up to one new temporary worker for every five young Americans who turn 18 during the same period. So, the important statistic here is one temporary foreign worker for every five new American workers.

Two-for-Four: Add the one-in-four inflow of legal immigrants (100,000 per month) and to the one-in-five inflow of temporary workers (70,000 per month), and you recognize that Americans are getting roughly 170,000 new foreign workers per month... two new foreign workers for every four Americans who enter the workforce. That’s the most important statistic in the report.

5o Percent: Half of the arriving temporary workers are white-collar workers, not farm hands or blue-collar workers... 50 percent of foreign temporary workers are white-collar professionals.

One-in-eight: Only 75,000 of the 560,000 new green card legal immigrants in the first six months of the year were invited to the United States because of their work or skills.. Moreover, federal, state and local government financial support for these imported consumers also converts middle-class taxes into an economic stimulus for retailers worth at least $56 billlion per year. So the important statistic here is that only one-in-eight legal immigrants have worked their way into the country — the rest were pulled in by relatives...

Three times 2016: Trump’s data shows that 264,553 legal immigrants got citizenship during the six months in the first report, at a rate of roughly 45,000 a month. These new citizens come from 164 countries, speak more than 164 languages, and few have the skills to pay more in taxes than they receive in welfare or aid, and most vote Democratic... So the 264,533 new voters in the first six months is basically three times the number of 2016 voters who gave Trump his victory.



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