UK: Farage: Migrants Will Cost the UK its First World Status

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Nick Hallett
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Article date: 
19 May 2014
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National News
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UKIP leader Nigel Farage has declared that Britain will no longer be a "first world country" for millions of ordinary workers unless we get control of our borders. Launching his final push ahead of Thursday's European Elections, Mr Farage vowed to put immigration a the top of the agenda.

He added that economic turmoil within the Eurozone could mean that Britain sees a "large migratory wave" from southern Europe.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Mr Farage added that immigration only benefited “big corporates” and “the rich” who could hire foreigners as cheap labour. He said: “This country is becoming the low-wage capital of the western world. We face the prospect where millions of British families, unless we take a grip on our borders, will effectively not be living in a first world country any more.”

He said that UKIP's policy of a points-based immigration system similar to Australia, which would only attract people with “skills or trades” would limit immigration to between 10,000 and 40,000 per year, compared to the 212,000 Britain has at the moment...