UK Race Report: Britain Destroyed Itself With Unnecessary Diversity

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John Derbyshire
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Article date: 
14 April 2021
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National News
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Last week saw the publication in Britain of a report from something called the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities... What does it say? [Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities: The Report (PDF)]...

I don't live in Britain any more, and I feel sad and angry when I'm reminded of how a country I remember with some natural affection has been destroyed by mass immigration....

That led me to academic psychologist and race realist James Thompson at the Unz Review. Wednesday this week Dr. Thompson posted a 3,500-word report on the report, and I recommend it to your attention. [Is the UK a Model on Race?, by James Thompson, Unz Review, April 7, 2021]...

The Commission report seems to be unusually frank about black crime. They note that blacks in Great Britain are eight times more likely to be perpetrators of homicide than whites....

How much more stupid have the Brits been, importing diverse peoples by the millions into an old, proud, and un-diverse nation, when there was no need to do so?