Ukraine Corruption: L. Todd Wood interview on Tucker Carlson - recommended

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It's like Gangs of New York. It has nothing to do with democracy.
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16 June 2022
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National News
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As befits Carlson's status as a very rare media skeptic of the U.S. role in the Ukraine war, on June 9, Tucker invited L. Todd Wood in for a one hour interview on Tucker Carlson Today. Wood is an Air Force Academy graduate, Special Operations helicopter pilot, emerging markets bond trader (for twenty years), and writer (foreign affairs columns for the Washington Times for several years and four novels). He lived in Ukraine for several years and was in Kyiv when Putin invaded.

In sum, according to Wood, deeply corrupt Ukraine is ideal for the "National Security State." For example, 45 "bio-labs." No worry over transparency or accountability in Ukraine. As a bond trader, Wood eventually figured out the money-laundering operations are connected with U.S. aid. And so on in that vein.

The following is a partial transcript [not proofed] of the conversation. The transcriber notes: "Several times in the Carlson interview, I asked myself, 'Did he really say that?' Eventually I transcribed 15 or so minutes."


9:00 CARLSON: OK, Ukraine, I think you've demonstrated you know what you're talking about. What is Ukraine? Describe Ukraine 2022. Factor the war out, What's the government of Ukraine, the borders of Ukraine?

L. TODD WOOD: ... I developed a network there over a period of years. Eventually, I ran into a group of people who were fighting - I call them Ukrainian patriots - against Russia, for their own country. But Ukraine is - and that's where I got most of the information that I found over time. Ukraine is where Russian civilization started. You know a thousand years ago Vladimir the Great Christianized the Rus in Kyiv, and when the Mongols invaded the princes moved to Moscow to get away - to try to get away - from the invasion.

And so this is where Russian civilization was born, so Americans can't understand that level of connection between Ukraine and Moscow. But it is the near-abroad of Russia. It's a sphere of influence. It's where tens of millions of people have been killed in multiple wars. It's been invaded. There was a big Nazi presence... during World War II which is still there, and we can talk about that if you want.

But Ukraine is a large country. It was the bread basket of Europe. Stalin famously turned off all the food to the people and millions starved. So you have this huge historical legacy and tie into Russia, but also it's own civilization... very Christian. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church split off from the Russian Orthodox Church after the problems with Moscow.

But today it's its own country, obviously. It's very large, forty million people. In the West it's more Polish. In the East, it's more Russian. But very warm people... For instance, I was there during the invasion. I didn't think Putin would invade. One morning my son calls me, like precision air strikes coming your way. You better get out... Literally, I saw missiles exploding around me, Russian paratroopers coming down at the air fields outside of Kyiv.

And so I called my guys. And so they got me out to Vinnytsia, which is in the West, and I ended up going across the Moldovan border [11:20]. But the people, they wouldn't let me pay for anything. They helped me constantly, one house to the other. Just the warmest people I've ever met.

That's NOT the government of Ukraine. Or the oligarchs which are extremely, extremely corrupt. What I call Ukraine: It's the safe space for the organized crime syndicates of the world. I mean these are Bond film level villains, who literally made a living at a Volcano Lair level of kind of evil, where they're like laundering billions of dollars of American aid. They are running information operations against American candidates. This is the Deep State Safe Zone where they...

TUCKER: Against American candidates?

WOOD: Yes, against Bernie Sanders, against Donald Trump, against the opposition to the National Security State....

TUCKER: And we're funding them?

WOOD: Yes.

TUCKER: That's infuriating. It sounds like foreign interference with American elections.

WOOD: Well, they've all admitted it. This is coming from Ukrainian politicians. Not me. I mean it's not Todd Wood saying this. This is Ukrainian journalists, Ukrainian members of Parliament, who said that - they called Joe Biden the American gangster because he laundered $4 billion through their central bank through off-shore accounts.

You've got the bio-weapons we just found out about.

TUCKER: Wait. Just back one sentence. Our president laundered money through Ukraine?

WOOD: Joe Biden was essentially running the organized crime rings in Ukraine.

TUCKER: During what period?

WOOD: When he was vice president.

TUCKER: And he had the Ukraine portfolio.

WOOD: Yes. What they would do: They would give aid to the Ukrainian central bank. Them Poroshenko who was extremely corrupt would - and I'm a bond guy so I got this over time - they would sell bonds to local banks that were tied to the corruption - at a discount. And then they would sell them back to the central bank, pocket the money and move it off shore. So this was a scheme that literally laundered hundreds of millions of dollars. And Valeriia Hontareva, who was the head of the central bank, ends up on a civil servant's salary buying a $30 million flat in London when she finally left the country.

So the ring of corruption is so big and so deep that aid going to Ukraine is essentially just funding all this. The Ukraine war is not about freedom. It's not about Russia even. It's about the Deep State wanting to protect this - whatever you want to call it. I call it the safe space for organized crime, where they can do anything they want to do with no transparency, no accountability. We could talk about the brow shirts that they develop here that they run all over the world and Antifa in probably France, probably Ottawa where they were having people cracking. A lot of these people come from Ukraine.

There was Ukrainians at the Capitol on January 6. There's video of them speaking Russian - inside the Capitol. Most people don't know this.

TUCKER: What were they doing there?

WOOD: I think they were shock troops, sent to organize the - whatever you want to it - the instigated riot, insurrection, whatever Nancy Pelosi and Liz Cheney call it today. That's what they were doing there.

TUCKER: Have any - pardon me, my mind is blowing up. Pull it back together. Have any Ukrainians, to your knowledge, been arrested?

WOOD: No. No.

15:00 TUCKER: Okay. What was Hunter Biden's connection to Ukraine?

WOOD: Hunter was. They were paying Hunter because Biden was involved in this corruption and they were just paying him off and paying his family off - to essentially stop the investigations into what was actually going on in Ukraine. I sat in an office with folders along the wall stack to the ceiling with files from the prosecutors office that they had to remove they were scared the Ukrainian government or the Biden regime, or whatever you want to call it, would destroy the investigative work they had all done.

So the National Association, or National Anti-corruption Bureau which was run by Artem Sytnyk who recently fired I met with him in 2015. He gave me this song and dance. I was kind of naive at what was going on. I met with him at the time at what was going on... And I met with him...

TUCKER: Where you there in your capacity as a journalist?

WOOD: Yes. We had a great meeting. He told me we're stopping corruption in Ukraine. A few weeks later the Paul Manafort 'Black Ledger' came out. You remember that? Paul Manafort was taking money from different people in Ukraine.

I called the next morning that office. I said what is this about? I just met with you. You didn't mention. And the woman on the phone literally told me, 'We just pulled that off the Internet. It's not true.'

I wrote an article. You can go see it on the Washington Times. It's still there - in 2015.. This is not true. The New York Times is being fooled. I didn't know the New York Times was involved in it at the time. I said they're being fooled. But this document is not real.

And, you know, it didn't go anywhere.

So, that National Anti-Corruption Bureau was set up not to stop corruption but to stop the investigations to go.

TUCKER: So the into corruption. It's literally an unconstitutional body outside the Ukrainian government. It's funded by funded by Soros. Soros pays all their travel expenses. I mean, we can go on and on. But the level of corruption in Ukraine is so deep and so wide that it's... I can guarantee as I said on your show that the money is not going to go where it's supposed is like well known before Russian troops crossed the border into Ukraine. Ukraine was the synonym for corruption. That's why they're not in the EU and not in NATO. I mean there are other reasons they are not in NATO. They didn't meet the transparency requirements.

WOOD: Right.

TUCKER: Everyone knew this. The second Russian artillery and troops roll across the border everybody's all in on the Ukraine side. Mitch McConnell, for example - you'd think having been in the Senate for thirty plus years would know - is telling you that Zelensky is Winston Churchill.

WOOD: Zelensky is run by Kolomoyskyi who's a Jewish oligarch who also pays all the Azov and [?] sector battalions in the East, and that relationship may have

TUCKER: The Azov battalions would be the ones with the Swastikas?

WOOD: Yeah. And the Wolf's Hook and all the that. You know the Nazi symbols. So Zelensky knows about those. He knows the money is going into those. We're funding them in the East - or have been for years - to po provide a bulwark against the Russian forces in Donbas, which I've been to. I've been to Mariupol. I've seen it all.

I was there when they first started pulling back troops in 2015...

I'll give you a story. I was interviewing a former government official who just retired - this February. I walked into the office. He had an entourage with him and a young kid like 25 walks up to me like [makes Nazi salute], ˜White Power.' He had the Death's Head on his collars, the Nazi flag on his wallet.

I'm like ˜Wow.' Not in Kansas anymore. I mean this exists in Ukraine. It's about 20 percent of the population that are sympathetic to this movement.

TUCKER: So why is the U.S. Congress funding Nazis?

WOOD: Good question.

TUCKER: I thought we were anti-Nazi. That's what I was told.

WOOD: I thought at least these guys would do their homework, but somehow I think the money if flowing back. Right? Through a donor network or whatever. They're getting some reward for this. Of course, I don't have transparency into what they're doing but they're either corrupt, or they're just not intelligent, because it's very obvious what's going on.

* * *

I thought Russia would stop at the forward line of troops at the Donbas, and kind of maybe just take that region. But they didn't. But I think at the end of the day, that's where they're going to stop - with Donbbas, the land bridge to Crimea which they just announced this morning is in place. They now can resupply Crimea over the ground.

So I think that's where whatever truce comes will be. But the problem is Biden wants to push for the war. Because they don't want all the stuff that they've been doing to come to light. Right? So

TUCKER: And if the war stops and the smoke settles, we're going to find out what they've been doing.

WOOD: We've already found out about the bioweapons, which

TUCKER: Well, we know that because Bob Kagan's wife, Victoria Nuland, who's not very bright - that's the one good thing you can say about her; she's dumb enough to say it out loud - announced in Senate hearing, ooh, by the way, we have bio-labs in Ukraine. It turns out we do. But why?

WOOD: I have my suspicions. I mean I don't have proof. I think the same reason we were developing biological weapons in Wuhan was to do it outside the United States where nobody could see what they were doing. What their intentions are I mean you can guess.

You know we had the COVID pandemic. We have the monkey pox pandemic being launched now. There were simulations run a few months prior - a few months prior - for both by Gates and his whole entourage. So what are they doing?

There is press in Ukraine, which we reported on a long time ago that they were doing experiments on Georgian and Ukrainian troops on certain biological pathogens. There's been outbreaks of pathogens in Ukraine. This is the Ukrainian press talking about this for the last five years. So what they are doing there? I don't know. You can guess.

TUCKER: Having spent time in Ukraine, can you affirm - I meant it's the poorest country in Europe, so if you're doing biological research of any kind, why aren't you doing it in Zurich? Or in Mountain View, California?

WOOD: This was not a small thing. It was like multiple facilities.

TUCKER: That's public record. That's not a conspiracy theory. Like the U.S. government has confirmed that. But, of all the countries on the planet, why would you pick one of the poorest to do that kind of research? There's no infrastructure to support it. So like why would you just do that?

WOOD: Because they can get away with transparency and accountability. In my opinion.

TUCKER: Exactly right. If you were doing legitimate biological research, you would do it in a legitimate place.

WOOD: Like University of North Carolina. They stopped. They moved it to Wuhan.

TUCKER: Research Triangle.

WOOD: Right.

TUCKER: It's interesting how hysterical they become when you point this out.

WOOD: It is. And we have been. We wrote probably 75-100 articles on all this, and what Biden was doing. I call it the Biden crime family in Ukraine. We did it in 2019, in early 2020. In a period of a few days we were de-platformed off probably 20 Silicon Valley networks . . . So we're completely wiped off the face of the map. Just as bad as Alex Jones. And that happened within a period of days. So, it's obviously coordinated. And that is the response: to just suppress you.

And I found out later that we - there was a thing called the Long Fuse Report which Dr. Shiva found out. It was Stanford and Twitter putting out who are the worst dis-information spreaders. And we were tied with Project Veritas - because off the work we did in Ukraine, and also pre-election on some of the machine issues. So I found out about that later. And that's why we were de-platformed.

* * *

And so the things American's also need to know is that the American national security state in Ukraine is also completely corrupt: the State Department, CIA, FBI. I had eyewitnesses who took all this information on Biden to the FBI, and she wouldn't look at it. She got up and left. So they knew about this years ago, but they just did not want to see it. And DOJ too. (Stop: 24:50)



The following additional transcript was provided by a separate transcriber:

WOOD [31:03]: I'm not a fan of Putin - I know what he's done to the Russian people.... I tell Americans you don't have to agree with it but you have to understand their thinking. I think Putin saw in the West what we just figured out two years ago at the election: that this is a criminal enterprise, it's approaching my way, it's well armed. I see it as kind of like Gangs of New York, in the Bronx. There are two rival gangs, they're fighting each other for power and control and money. It has nothing to do with freedom; it has to do with power...

TUCKER: How closer are we to a much bigger conflict?

WOOD: The people in Russia that I know say Putin will absolutely push the button if he thinks it's needed....

I try to understand what they [the Biden administration] are doing and I can see no logic behind it. Except the fact that maybe they just want to destroy society and literally burn it all down - literally with a nuclear attack - and then rebuild it in their own image In their fascist, socialist, communist, whatever it is, image. That's what I see happening. So that scares me. I can't understand what they're doing, what logic is behind what they're doing. There is no logic....

So Zalensky is running our foreign policy now? He's got Biden blackmailed? I don't know. I just don't understand what's happening....


TUCKER [33:55]: What is Soros's interest in Ukraine?

WOOD: Soros runs the country.... These patriots I've talked about who fought the Russians? The first thing they told me is: we want our country back from Soros. They're not worried about the Russians so much.


WOOD [43:18]: They've obviously gamed this out for a long time. The election. Everything around it. What they're doing in society. So I think they know what the consequences are. And that's even more scary, because they understand what's coming and they don't care.

WOOD [44:05]: To me, it shows how much the mask has been ripped off these people. The election and since then... we know what they're doing now. So at this point, do we want a country or not? Because they don't. They're serving some other master. Who knows if it's Xi or some Bilderburg group, or whatever. But they're serving some other agenda. It's not the American people. This is the Bushes, the Obamas, the Bidens, all the people wrapped in them. My optimistic hope is: there is enough patriots still in the system while still have this political muscle, we can stand up legally and peacefully to take the country back.




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