US Agency Will Interfere In Hungarian Politics, Try To Overthrow Orbán, Despite Trump’s Support For Him

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An utter disconnect between the words of the President and the policies pursued by his administration
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Kames Kirkpatrick
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Article date: 
9 September 2019
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National News
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Perhaps never in American history has there been such an utter disconnect between the words of the President and the policies pursued by his administration. President Donald Trump appears to have almost no control or awareness over what the American government does.
Hungary's Viktor Orbán personifies the battle against the Islamization of Europe and has withstood tremendous pressure from the European Union. He’s also a role model for those opposing Cultural Marxism in the universities. President Donald Trump hosted him at the White House and supposedly supports him.
Nonetheless, American taxpayer dollars will be spent to try to overthrow him....
Think of how remarkable it is that a government agency can implement policies to try to undermine the Chief Executive. Also note the doublespeak about Hungary being “less free.”
Less free? Hungary is one of the last free countries in Europe. In Belgium, they ban political parties they don’t like. In the United Kingdom, they arrest you for peaceful political speech. In Germany, government agents barge into your house if you post naughty things on Facebook. In France, even national icons like Brigitte Bardot are hauled before judicial tribunals for not being sufficiently deferential to the Muslims colonizing the Republic.
If Winston Churchill or Charles de Gaulle returned from the grave, the modern United Kingdom or French Republic would jail them.
The real problem? Hungary’s media is not as monolithically leftist as that in other countries. So suddenly the Free Press needs to be subsidized by the American government....