U.S. signs migrant worker rights agreements

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Fresh Fruit Portal - The Voice of the Southern Hemisphere
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13 June 2012
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National News
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U.S. secretary of labor Hilda Solis has signed worker rights letters of arrangement with the ambassadors of Honduras, the Philippines, Peru and Ecuador.

Under the agreements, regional enforcement offices of Department of Labor (DOL) agencies – the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and its Wage and Hour Division – would cooperate with local consulates of the four countries.

A DOL release said these entities will reach out to migrant workers with information about U.S. health, safety and wage laws....

Ecuadorian ambassador Nathalie Cely said her government considered the welfare of every Ecuadorian immigrant in the United States a priority.

“The agreements that will be signed with the Department of Labor are a useful tool to protect the rights of migrant workers.”...