USCIS Agents Warn House Republicans on Amnesty

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Ateven H. Ahle
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Article date: 
9 October 2013
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National News
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Tomorrow morning (Thursday) the U.S. Immigration Citizenship and Immigration Services agents will deliver to the House republicans a letter of warning on passing anything that resembles amnesty. The letter is a message specifically for Rep Bob Goodlatte, Rep Paul Ryan, Rep Eric Cantor and Rep. Luis Gutierrez.

USCIS Council president Kenneth Palinkas writes:

“At every step, this administration places obstacles and roadblocks in front of our adjudication officers in their attempts to protect our nation’s security and the American taxpayer. I documented these abuses on more than one occasion with the authors of Schumer-Rubio-Corker-Hoeven [S. 744] only to have them ignored."

"I worry the House may be following a similar path. Media reports reveal that Chairman Bob Goodlatte, Chairman Paul Ryan, Congressman Luis Gutierrez, and Majority Leader Eric Cantor are working to advance proposals to open citizenship benefits to the majority of those here illegally, in combination with proposals to expand visa programs.”

He warns that their idea of passing a series of separate bills will allow the Senate to force a conference between the two Houses with the full Senate bill as a starting point. He points out that is exactly what the gang of eight say they want to do.

"These plans are being pursued before first reforming the very agency – USCIS – that will be charged with reviewing these tens of millions of green card, temporary visa and citizenship applications. Advancing such measures without first confronting the widespread abuses at USCIS would be to invite disaster."