Vermont DMV backpedals on fraudulent license applications by illegals

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These folks are now fingerprinted under the name they have used on their Vermont DL application
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Bruce Parker
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Vermont Watchdog
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31 January 2015
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National News
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A tight-lipped investigation into fraudulent driver’s license applications from out-of-state illegals is producing conflicting details as political pressure mounts from migrant rights groups.

On Tuesday, Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Robert Ide told the House Transportation Committee the department uncovered 144 fraudulent applications for the state’s new driver’s privilege cards ...

By Friday, however, the director heading up the investigation backpedaled regarding the number of known fraud cases, saying some suspicious applications may be legitimate after all ...

Officials say applicants who provided two pieces of mail indicating their physical Vermont addresses falsified the address information on the envelopes — including return address information in the top left corner. In addition, numerous applications used the same addresses...

First, DMV officials say 40,781 driver’s privilege cards have been issued since the law went into effect in January 2014. Asked what percentage of the cards had been issued to undocumented immigrants, DMV Operations Director Michael Smith replied, “We do not have a way to differentiate citizen and noncitizen cards” ...

When asked about the out-of-state immigrants who paid $2,000 in New York City to obtain Vermont cards, Button said, “Those cases are still open and active. As soon as we have information … we can share accurate information”...

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2012 report - Driver's License Insecurity

9/11 DMV Fraud

  • Fraud Scheme No. 1. Two Salvadoran immigrants living in Virginia, one illegally and one as a lawful permanent resident, were convicted of providing false residency certificates to two muscle hijackers, Ahmed al Ghamdi and Abdul Aziz al Omari. Both received Virginia IDs on August 2, 2001.
  • Fraud Scheme No. 2. An illegal Salvadoran was solicited by two hijackers at a 7-Eleven in Falls Church, Va. For a fee, he falsely certified on the DMV residency form that his old Virginia address was the residence of the hijackers.

Document Fraud and National Security

- So that was 9/11, but what about more recent times? Fraud in the ID arena remained rampant after 9/11 as well ...

Today, the president is minimizing the value of ID security because ID security counters his amnesty policy...


Migrant workers revving up for driver’s licenses - [Vermont]

[...] Alejandra Perez, who lives on an Addison County farm with her husband and daughters, plans to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles office in Middlebury on Friday to take the written test. She hopes it will lead to a driver’s license that until now has been unavailable to her because she lacks legal immigration status.

“I am studying the manual,” Perez said in a phone interview Thursday through a translator ...

Smith, the DMV operations director, said the federal government has indicated that by 2016 air travelers will need federally sanctioned identification to board a plane ...