Victims of Alien Crime: Cruz Commits ‘Treason’ in Alliance with Kasich

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26 April 2016
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National News
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Certain American victims of illegal alien crime say Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) should be “charged with treason” for his decision to team up with pro-amnesty Governor John Kasich in order to nullify the votes of Donald Trump supporters.
“They both ought to be charged with treason,” said Billy Inman, whose son 16-year-old Dustin was murdered while he and his family were on their way to celebrate an early Father’s Day family fishing trip. An illegal alien rear-ended the family’s vehicle at over 60 mph. His son’s murderer is still roaming free.
“Who do they think they are trying to silence us?” asked Mary Ann Mendoza, whose 32-year-old son, Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, was murdered by a drunk illegal alien who had been driving the wrong way down a freeway with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit.
“If Republicans wanted either Cruz or Kasich as a candidate, they would be voting for them,” Mendoza said. Instead “the two of them are trying to bully their OWN mindset on us. Republican voters are voting for the person they feel will make our country great again. Something like this has got to make people wonder, why are these career politicians so afraid of Mr. Trump?”...


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