Video: Biden's Border Chaos - Stephen Miller, Liz Wolfe, and Sara Gonzales

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The Megyn Kelly Show
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16 May 2023
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National News
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Megyn Kelly is joined by Stephen Miller, founder of America First Legal, to talk about the end of Title 42 and the dangerous consequences of an influx of illegal aliens into America, how border policies transform a state’s political landscape, the true motivation of the activists driving the policy and what will happen now, the horrific realities facing illegal aliens children and families, what actually happens in immigration "court," the lack of transparency and consequences, what's happening in sanctuary cities, how the Trump administration handled the issue, and more.

Then Liz Wolfe, associate editor of Reason magazine, and Sara Gonzales, host of BlazeTV's The News and Why It Matters, to talk about the Marine charged with manslaughter in the subway death of Jordan Neely, politicians changing their tune now that there's been activist pushback, the rush to racialize the story, Hollywood celebrities like Charlize Theron's raunchy "drag queens" telethon, a "Transformers" cartoon pushing gender ideology, what's behind the rise of trans ideology in our culture, the disturbing and misogynistic writing of a trans Pulitzer prize winner, and more.


Just about everyone knows that an irremediable national disaster is in progress, spreading nationwide from the southwestern border. But it's worthwhile to get Miller's expert take on it.

Kelly asks Miller what's the thinking among the decision-makers - obviously not Biden! - who are imposing this ruination on our country. He replied that these ideological fanatics regard the U.S. as a "racist colonial superpower," and they want the redistribution of our ill-gotten wealth. It's reparations for the developing world, and this applies to the West more generally.

As for the lingo they use, Miller termed it "performative outrage."

Among the consequences, he said, is that our education systems will be destroyed.

He concluded that we're seeing the end game, the final step that these traitors have been aiming for since the Biden regime occupied the White House.

There was no discussion of remedies. In actuality, what can you do when those in power refuse to enforce the law and actively subvert it at every turn? If a future federal administration is, instead, driven by patriotism, they'll still have to deal with a nation that has been severely damaged.

At about 40 minutes, there's a brief clip of Ted Cruz talking with some people at the border, and he tells a reporter-ette that she should be ashamed of herself for the job she's been doing.


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ALL states must invoke power to repel invasion, by A. Dru Kristenev, Canada Free Press, 22 May 2023:

Biden administration has become the enemy of the People as it ushers illegals (approximately six million since taking office) into the country, hands out free cell phones, feeds, clothes, transports and houses them anywhere they desire to go within the United States... Reticent Border Patrol agents are coerced by DHS to hand out thousands of free entrance passes – I-862 forms brandishing court appearance dates as much as 10 years in the future...

For this reason, each state is first established as a republic with its own constitution before being admitted to the Union. Article IV, Section IV: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government,...”

Because the federal government has abdicated its obligation to protect states and citizens against invasion, and has effectively sided with the enemy, governors are duty-bound to take that role upon themselves...