Video: Connecting the Dots: The Globalist Created 'Humanitarian' Immigration Crisis: Why This Is Happening Now?

Article author: 
Aaron Dykes
Article publisher: 
Truth Stream Media
Article date: 
4 July 2014
Article category: 
Our American Future
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Behind the endless throngs of desperate Central American children arriving on the U.S. border and a steady wave of illegal immigrants from Mexico and beyond is a covert plan for global economic warfare -- those building up the world of globalization are tearing down the sovereignty and financial strength of the United States and Europe to make way for the coming corporate new world order.

A generation of sending American jobs offshore under NAFTA, GATT and the WTO, dumping cheap corn on Mexico thereby destroying millions of farming jobs and unleashing disruptive retailers like Wal-mart upon the fragile economies of Latin America have created turmoil, uncertainty and rivers of human migration... and along with it bitter tension and discord over the dynamics of immigration, illegal immigration and the struggle for a lasting standard of living under the New World Order.