Video: Democrats are lying to you about their court-packing plans

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Biden - Harris obviously intend to pack the Supreme Court
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Tucker Carlson
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Fox News
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10 October 2020
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National News
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Tucker Carlson: Democrats are lying to you about their court-packing plans. October 10, 2020. 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host discusses Democrats' agenda to alter the US government forever. The video segment includes an interview with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who opposes court packing. (Ignore ad at the beginning of the video).



From the article Biden Disrespects the American People With His Latest Non-Answer on Court Packing, by Seth Griffin, Liberty Loft, October 10, 2020:

During the Vice Presidential debate on Wednesday in Salt Lake City, Utah, Sen. Kamala Harris (Deflecting-CA) refused to provide a direct answer on the Democrats desires to pack the Supreme Court of the United States...

It is worth noting that the moderator did not ask about this. It became a focal and memorable point of the debate because of VP Mike Pence’s dogged persistence of whether or not she and Joe Biden intended to pack the Supreme Court if they won the election...

But Biden and Harris have refused to answer the question because obviously they intend to do so, but if they say that, they would make their power grab more obvious and make it more obvious that it’s the Democrats breaking all norms, not President Donald Trump.

The Democrats continued refusal to answer is by design. They are not bluffing and remain 100 percent committed to packing the court should Republicans follow their constitutional duties of advise and consent.

But in a tremendous disservice to the American people, Joe Biden doubled down and made that clear today that he didn’t even think the American public had the right to know about what he thought prior to the election, that they would only know after.

    Joe Biden:”You’ll know my opinion on court packing when the election is over.”

“You’ll know my opinion on court packing when the election is over.”...

He [Biden] wants to focus on what Trump is saying or doing and the media is perfectly content to aid and abet him in that cause. Of course, because he knows it would kill him in the election. Hopefully, people hold him accountable on his game playing....


A must-watch Tucker Carlson segment tackles court-packing, by Andrea Widburg, American Thinker, October 10, 2020. The article refers to the above video:

It's likely that many people, when they hear the phrase "packing the Supreme Court," mentally check out because they think it refers to some arcane procedural issue that really doesn't matter. The truth is that the Democrats' ill concealed plan to pack the Supreme Court is the most critical issue of this election. If the Democrats succeed with adding new justices to the Supreme Court, they will also have succeeded in doing away with our carefully balanced constitutional government. Instead, radical leftists will govern American unopposed.

On Friday, Tucker Carlson opened his show with a segment about the peculiar fact that Joe Biden, a liar's liar, is not even bothering to lie about packing the Supreme Court. His bizarre non-answers essentially say the topic is way too important for people to know about before they vote.; Committed leftists understand these words to be a blaring siren forecasting court-packing if Democrats gain control of the White House and Congress.

Carlson clarifies that a Supreme Court that is made big enough to have an overwhelming and permanent activist majority is simply another legislature. The only difference is that this is a legislature that the people haven't elected and that has members who serve for life.

The Founders created a carefully balanced three-part government — an executive, a legislature, and a judiciary — with each branch of the government jealously guarding its powers and acting as a brake on another branch's potential power-grab.  With court-packing, that's out the window. A Democrat legislature and a politically packed court will be a tag team, with the former passing whatever legislation it wants and the Supreme Court approving it. The executive will be reduced to a rubber stamp on the legislation.

And what will this new, all-Democrat, all-the-time government do? It will silence traditional religions, which have a nasty habit of believing that marriage is between a man and a woman and that infant life begins in utero.

It will silence any speech challenging the government. We are already seeing how this works thanks to the Tech Tyrants, all of which are leftists. They are determined to squelch any speech that contradicts the leftist narrative.

It will seize all guns because the Second Amendment is a relic that they don't even need to bother removing through the constitutional amendment process. Guns are bad. End of story.

And judging by how other leftist governments have operated, it will continue to allow lawlessness in the streets until there comes a point at which the citizenry demand martial law — and it will oblige....


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