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Jared Taylor
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American Renaissance
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9 October 2022
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Our American Future
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[Originally posted October 13, 2019]

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance explains that replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day implies that whites should never have come to America. But the whole word wants to immigrate because white people built a great country. Would the newcomers who tell us how awful we are want to stay if we had left the place in the Stone Age? The new holiday is an insult not just to Columbus but to all white Americans.

... this isn't about Columbus and a few statutes. It's a denial of every shred of American culture tradition and history that can be traced to whites and the sooner we recognize that the better.
Jared Taylor

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Hello I'm Jared Taylor with American Renaissance did you celebrate Columbus Day well enjoy it while you can.

A lot of cities don't celebrate it anymore. This year even the City of Columbus Ohio which is named after him said it just couldn't afford a celebration the fashionable thing is to celebrate indigenous peoples day instead. Rrecently Los Angeles Cincinnati Boise and Detroit all dropped Columbus during indigenous peoples day. When Somerville Massachusetts announced the switch in September. Mayor Joe kurta Tony explained that quote Columbus Day is a relic of an outdated and oversimplified version of history.

He said he's italian-american and he'd like to be proud of Columbus but that would be like southerners being proud of the Confederacy. Or did you hear that governor of New York Andrew Cuomo mr. Cuomo also italian-american says that the statue of Columbus in New York City will stay for as long as he's in office. And the mayor of New York Bill de Blasio yet another italian-american is determined to keep the statue - he says Columbus is completely different from say robert e lee. I don't see why if italians can have their genocide, racist, disease-spreading imperialist slave driver why can't southerners have their christian soldier.

Mr. Cuomo and mr. de Blasio will learn soon enough that you can't carve out exceptions for any dead white man. Statues of Columbus have been taking our real beating. Here's the one in Central Park in New York note the blood on his hands the one in Bridgeport Connecticut has killed a colonizer along with the red treatment. Here's Columbus in Buffalo New York in Columbus Park and here he is in downtown Detroit with a tomahawk stuck in his head here's more red paint in Houston and also in Richmond Virginia. I think you get the idea.

And don't worry it's not anti Italian prejudice people go after Norse explorers too. In Minnesota Leif Eriksson statue had the words Discoverer of America crossed off the base. In Philadelphia a statue of Thor Fionn carves finis that it stood there for nearly a century was pitched into the river. Call stephanie was the father of the first white child born in North America there's now a movement to junk the entire federal Columbus Day holiday and whoop up indigenous peoples instead.

And have you noticed that whenever something honors a white person and gets abolished it's always replaced with the opposite? When you ditch Columbus you celebrate Indians when you take down robert e lee you put up Frederick Douglass. If Andy Jackson's got to go you have to replace him with Harriet Tubman. Franklin Roosevelt established of the Columbus holiday in 1937. In a 1940 statement he said Columbus began a great movement of people quote from every country in Europe.

Yeah back in those days immigrants meant Europeans but for the Columbus haters everything that has happened since 1492 is a disaster.

Renaming Columbus Day indigenous peoples day implies that white people should never have come here.

But someone was gonna take over. The place was still in the Stone Age. New Columbus haters think the country would be better off if the Chinese or the Turks had moved in. Europeans white people turned a wilderness into the richest most powerful nation on earth and what's our reward we're supposed to put the country up for grabs? Here's the hip new slogan: no one is illegal on stolen land.

You see, it was very bad for us to take the land from the Indians but it's good for Nigerians and Vietnamese to take it from us. Can someone explain that to me? Wo what happens when we dump Columbus Day and celebrate indigenous people stay.

Instead are we going to think is thoughts about the Blackfeet and the Kickapoo well a few people in headdresses are going to be trotted out for a parade. But the new holiday has different purposes the first of course is to take a poke at yet another dead white man, but the second is to take a poke at all white Americans by telling them the country doesn't belong to them.

And the very same people who want to boot Columbus are the ones who think the country belongs to anyone from anywhere who can manage to sneak in. They want to celebrate Indians and then stuff the country with Haitians and Pakistanis and Vietnamese.

How does that help the Indians? We're back to the same old con game. It was evil for white people to come here but it's great for everyone else. If Columbus is a villain all white people are villains.

Supreme Court Justice Roger Taney who sat outside the Maryland State House since 1872 had to go Stephen Foster had to go from Pittsburgh. Dr. James Simms the father of gynecology was kicked off of Central Park in New York City. Even President William McKinley got the boot from the central square of Arcata California. What did McKinley do?

And here's what recently happened to Abraham Lincoln in a black neighborhood in Chicago. That statue has taken such a beating over the years the city has just taken it away. So much for the great Emancipator. The United States was built by pioneers, settlers, farmers, engineers. Whites built a country that attracts people from all over the world. So you think it was wrong?

thrust of calm well fine. What all those newcomers who love to tell us how awful we are want to stay. If the place was still in Stone Age. Yes we conquered the continent. That's how history works. But as my late Comanche friend David yeag used to say whites are unique in the respect they pay to the people they defeat. Look at all the Indian names of states. Cities, rivers, military hell helicopters and yes sports teams. They are high tribute to a defeated enemy. Do you see any of that spirit in the people who tear down our statues, insult our heroes and water our country?

No this isn't about Columbus and a few statutes. It's a denial of every shred of American culture tradition and history that can be traced to whites and the sooner we recognize that the better.

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