Video: The great replacement of the American People

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Tucker Carlson
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Vlad Tepes
Article date: 
1 July 2021
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National News
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This started under Obama. We did many posts on it. Even had a friend of ours drive from Quebec to a town in Vermont to cover a townhall meeting where the mayor was asked to stop flooding the small city with illegals because the city had a crisis of opiate use already and this was more than they could bear. The mayor effectively told them to attempt a reproductive act upon themselves and continued. It was established, but NOT reported, that this was an Obama admin initiaitive which clearly went into high gear now. Why? You cannot destroy a place while its people and culture are intact, and while the people who are there in the vast majority have a stake in a place because they worked hard to build it. QED.


Enjoy July 4 This Sunday. It Might Be The Last One, by Paul Craig Roberts, Lew

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