VIDEO: 'Hillary's America' is already here

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And it's spreading rapidly across the U.S.
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Leo Hohmann
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28 October 2016
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Our American Future
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They call it “culture shift.” Places, in America, that no longer look or feel like America.

Cedar Riverside in Minneapolis fits the bill, with its large Somali community known as “Little Mogadishu,” as does and Hamtramck, Michigan, where the Islamic call to prayer is shouted over loudspeakers and the local city council is now majority-Muslim.

Parts of Amarillo, Texas, have been flooded with so many Muslim refugees that some ethnic enclaves claim to have elected their own tribal leaders independent of the city government, the city’s mayor recently testified before the Texas Legislature.

Then there is Dearborn, Michigan, which is now 40 percent Muslim and spilling over into neighboring cities and towns.

Documentary filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch recently drove through Dearborn, guided by a lifelong resident of the city named Brian. What Brian showed him was not just a culture shift but something closer to a shock...

Arab businessmen buy up commercial properties, force out the American tenants and replace them with similar businesses run by Muslims, Brian told Lynch in the documentary. The same phenomenon is now beginning to occur in nearby Sterling Heights, Troy, Oak Park and Clinton Township. In Sterling Heights, residents informed WND this week that Middle Eastern refugees are being housed in a local hotel owned by an Arab-American businessman...

There are more than 4 million Syrians fleeing that country’s civil war, a torrent Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton helped start when she was secretary of state. That’s enough refugees to ensure the influx into America will continue for decades, much like the Somali and Iraqi refugee programs have lagged on for decades.

Michigan has received about 1,600 Syrians, or 12.3 percent, of the more than 13,000 Syrian refugees delivered to the United States since the start of the civil war. That’s more than any other state on a per capita basis. California and Texas have received about the same number, but they are much bigger states.

This is “Hillary’s America,” says a resident of nearby Rochester Hills who is one of the co-founders of, a group that started up last year with the mission of helping educate Michiganders about Shariah law and Islamic settlements.

He lives near Oakland University in Rochester Hills.

He said the Islamization is literally moving from town to town in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties.

“The Sterling Heights story is significant because we have these budding ‘Shariahvilles’ in Michigan,” he said. “We know there are refugees being planted. Now, in Rochester Hills, I’ve got five covered women walking down my street, and that’s never happened until two weeks ago.”...

[See the original article for Dennis Michael Lynch’s short documentary filmed in Dearborn.]


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