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Hungary's border wall is positioned well into the country
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Black Pigeon Speaks
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18 June 2018
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National News
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Video: Hungary ingeniously strikes back at the EU (skip the ad at the beginning).

Summary: The EU has recommitted itself to mass migration from Africa and the Middle East, through the Marrakesh Political Declaration (May 2018).

Adocates forecast the present 9 million Blacks in EU will become 200 million in 20 years, making Europe a mixed race region, although the welfare states will be unsustainable. It is noted that in the foreseeable future, 1 billion Africans will try to move to instant-and-free prosperity in Europe.

Hungary did not sign and has come up with an ingenious way to close its border (almost 100% of migrants are now turned away) but evade the lawfare of tidal waves of lawsuits that overload the system and force release of migrants who then just disappear. (NGOs also operate fleets of ships working with human traffickers to pour migrants into Europe. Hungary notes tyhat George Soros is driving the migration tidal wave.)

Hungary has built its fence inside the border to leave a "transit zone" that allows migrants to move on to the generous welfare states of nortehrn Europe that are eager for population replacement. Moreover, there are no longer deportations, merely releases into the transit zone.