Video: Mexican Police Stop Buses and Trucks – Force Them to Take Caravan Migrants North to US Border

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The illegal alien invasion caravan is moving north at up to 60 miles per day
Article author: 
Jim Hoft
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Gateway Pundit
Article date: 
27 October 2018
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National News
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... The DHS confirmed this week that gang members and other dangerous criminals are embedded in the caravan.

Migrants from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia have also latched onto the caravan, according to the Department of Homeland Security.
President Trump declared a national emergency Monday morning and announced that he will begin cutting off aid to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala as the migrant caravan marches through Mexico up to the U.S. border....
But new video shows Mexican police stopping buses and trucks and forcing them to carry caravan immigrants north to the US border.
William La Jeunesse is traveling with the caravan and broke the news on Lou Dobbs Tonight....