Video: Network of Mexican Cartel Smuggling Trails on Texas Soil, Says Border Patrol Supervisor

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Bob Price, Alexander Marlow, Brandon Darby
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5 December 2019
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National News
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MADERO, Texas — Breitbart News followed Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents into the brush to explore a busy network of Gulf Cartel smuggling trails on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande. The tour of the trails by a Border Patrol supervisor came during a river patrol that led to the apprehension of three Chinese nationals.
While conducting a tour of the Rio Grande, McAllen Station riverine agents received a call about a group of migrants being smuggled across the river from Mexico. Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow and Border and Cartel Chronicles Projects Director Brandon Darby followed the agents into the brush where they witnessed the rough network of cartel smuggling pathways on U.S. soil.
“This is a cartel trail — in Texas,” the Border Patrol supervisory agent explained. “This is what they utilize to smuggle their goods, whether it is narcotics or aliens.”
The agent explained that various smuggling groups in Mexico pay the cartel for the right to cross their cargo across the river in this region.
“The cartel has full authority of what can come in and out,” the agent said. “Whatever has been paid is what’s coming through. This is their trail — this is an alien smuggling organization’s trail.”...
During this boat tour of the Rio Grande, a smuggling incident took place. Breitbart News witnessed the apprehension of three Chinese nationals and the arrest of their U.S. citizen alleged smuggler who picked them up after they made their way through these very trails....
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