Video: SPLC Pulls Controversial 'Anti-Muslim Extremist' List After Legal Threats

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Daily Caller
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20 April 2018
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National News
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The Southern Poverty Law Center has removed an online list of “anti-Muslim extremists” after British Muslim reformer Maajid Nawaz threatened to sue the SPLC over his inclusion on the list.

The list is the fourth article in two months the SPLC has deleted over accuracy concerns.
The left-wing nonprofit first published the list in November 2016, offering it as a “field guide” to journalists.
In addition to Nawaz, the list included Somali-born activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who advocates against female genital mutilation, among other issues. Ali blasted the SPLC’s “deeply offensive smears” in an August 2017 op-ed for The New York Times.
The inclusion of Nawaz and Ali on the list sparked a backlash, including from establishment publications like The Atlantic, but the SPLC didn’t remove the page until Awaz took legal action....
The alleged extremists on its list — the organization described as a “field guide” for journalists — were responsible for inciting anti-Muslim hate crimes, the SPLC claimed....


The SPLC pulled three articles in March that drew conspiratorial connections between American political figures and Russian influence operations within the United States.

Then, too, it took legal action for the SPLC to correct its inflammatory accusations. ...

The SPLC removing the list won’t be enough to fend off his lawsuit, Awaz said Thursday. “Let me reiterate: I’m only just getting started,” he wrote on Twitter....



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