Video: Stephen Miller defends Trump's national emergency decision

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Fox News
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18 February 2019
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National News
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Stephen Miller defends Trump's national emergency decision:



Key points Stephen Miller made include:

1) His exposure of the Bush administration: "When George Bush came into office, illegal immigration doubled from six million to 12 million by the time he left office.  That represented an astonishing betrayal of the American people..."
2) On the new "non-impactable" category of illegal aliens flowing over the border: "As a result of loopholes, activist judicial rulings and increasing sophistication from cartels, the reality is that more than half of the people crossing the border are what we call "non-impactable." They can't be turned around."
3)  Our huge increase in drug-caused deaths is aided by the cartels strategic use of these non-impactable aliens to divert agents: "So what you see is sophisticated operations and smugglers who'll actually push out migrants and children and family units to divert border age and then because there's not secured border areas with a wall, they'll then cross after the border agents have been diverted to those areas." 
4) On the question of where the drugs are coming in to the USA (secured points of entry vs. unsecured areas):
"I can assure you if we had people of that same density and screeners of that same density across every single inch and mile of the southern border, you'd have more drugs interdicted in those areas. You don't know what you don'tt know.  You don't catch what you don't catch."
5) On the seriousness of the threat to American citizens: "... Chris, can you name one foreign threat in the world today — outsidde this country's borders that currently kills more Americans than the threats crossing our southern border? ... and the answer is no...."
6) On the intellectual rot in Washington: "This is a deep intellectual problem that's plaguing this city, which is that we've had thousands of Americans die year after year after year because of threats crossing our southern border. We have families and communities that are left unprotected and undefended.... If the president can't defend this country, then he cannot fulfil his constitutional oath of office."