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Team Nehlen
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Paul Nehlen
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14 October 2016
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National News
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The following video is arguably one of the simplest explanations of the dangers of TPP out there. We decided to use balls to break it down and explain why it gives up our sovereignty, why it rips us down to the level of countries who aren’t anywhere near us economically and how it pumps our jobs over to foreign workers while gutting our economy here at home.

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The United States dwarfs the other TPP member nations in terms of the size of our economy.

To show this disparity, I’ve represented each of the 12 TPP member countries with a ball scaled to the size of each nation’s GDP.

The United States’ annual GDP is $17.3 trillion dollars, while the combined total of all eleven TPP nations’ GDPs only amounts to $10.6 trillion dollars.

It’s unacceptable we would give an equal vote to each of the 11 other member countries when such a disparity exists between the size of the other member economies and ours.

Why would the US Chamber of Commerce and special interests want to do this?

The answer is wages, and available cheap labor.

Cheaper wages means our jobs goes overseas. Low wages mean foreign Corporations will bring their workers here and pay them foreign wage, as Article 10 & Article 12 of TPP allows.

The combined total population of the other 11 TPP nations is 487 million. The US population is 319 million. (Graphic)

The smallest nation in the TPP is Brunei, represented by that grain of sand. They have only 400,000 citizens, roughly the size of Omaha, NE and yet, will receive a vote equal to the US. Brunei also has a new Sharia penal code that criminalizes homosexuality and sentences single mothers to death by stoning.

In Malasia, there are 30M people. The average wage there is $345/mo and there are multitudes of reports of slave labor and mass graves for the victims of human trafficking.

In Vietnam, there are 90M people, and the average wage is $145/month, a fraction of Chinese wages. In Vietnam child labor is widespread.

How can the United States compete with such low wages? Or even slave or forced child labor? Nations that use slave labor or sweatshops will ALWAYS be able to provide cheaper labor to the workforce.

U.S. workers can’t compete with slave labor, and more importantly, we shouldn’t.

And TPP threatens U.S. sovereignty by placing their votes over our own. Article 27 of this treaty creates a commission which is literally a voting body superior to the U.S. Congress, and it grants each of these small nations one unelected bureaucrat to sit on the commission

Most of the TPP nations are heavily leveraged by the China owned IAAB bank, one of the largest banks on the planet. If you think China isn’t involved in TPP, you are wrong.

With only one vote as a signing member to this job-killing treaty, the US will surrender her Sovereignty and Americans will lose their jobs.

But we can stop all of this if Congress refuses to pass TPP.

I urge you to join with me to build an army of resistance to defeat this disastrous trade deal.



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