Video: Yuma Sector BP Chief Porvaznik: border overrun by Central Americans with minors means

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Charlotte Cuthbertson
Article date: 
1 May 2019
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National News
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This 2 minute video of Yuma Sector Border Patrol Chief Porvaznik is a real eye-opener.

That's three meals a day, that's all the snacks, that's all hygiene products. That's all the diapers, it's all the baby formula, that's all the baby food. It's showers. And then it's all the medical.

I have 50 or 60 percent of my manpower not focusing on border security, national security related issues. We have all three of our checkpoints shut down because I don't have the manpower to run our checkpoints. So we don't know what is getting through our checkpoints.

Last year, in fiscal year '18, we had just under 1800 pounds of methamphetamine seized at our checkpoints. This year we're far below that because we don't have our checkpoints open all the time. So that's hundreds and hundreds of points of methamphetamine, dangerous drugs, getting into the communities all across America, because it doesn't stay in Yuma. It goes all across America.

- Yuma #BorderPatrol chief @CBP @CBPArizona
(Tweet, May 1, 2019, Charlotte Cuthbertson)

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