The Visual Guide to Disputing Media Polling

Article author: 
Seth Keshel
Article publisher: 
American Thinker
Article date: 
28 October 2016
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National News
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To believe recent mainstream media polling releases, one would have to suspend reality enough to believe that John Podesta's email leaks, the ongoing Project Veritas video series, a world on fire, and new revelations about Obamacare are driving the public to embrace Hillary Clinton as never before.  Things are apparently so good for the former first lady that ABC has her with a 12-point lead, a margin not seen in a presidential election since 1984.  CNN is less confident but still has her sporting a comfortable 5-point lead.  Fox News has wavered between "too close to call" and the current 3-point edge that is contingent on her achieving President Obama's D+7 support level from 2008, which borders on complete insanity.

The purpose of this article is to prove that the media is either lying to massively impact motivation or turnout for Trump or has absolutely no idea what the actual score is...

[See original article for analysis and political maps.]

This election will either be tight in favor of either candidate or will be a blowout in favor of Trump.  For the reasons stated above and backed up with maps, I do not anticipate Trump being steamrolled.

Ohio is the key.  Even the mainstream media seems to credit Trump with being up by at least four points there, while still expecting us to believe in a national race with the candidates separated by a dozen points.  It is possible that Trump's economic populism could realign the Rust Belt for the GOP and weaken red bastions, but I'd prefer to go with history.  Since 1964, Ohio has voted with the winner.  Going back to 1896, you'll find an impressive bellwether record in the Buckeye State.

But wait, there's more.  Since 1992, the year of the last map realignment, Pennsylvania has always been to the left of Ohio, and by an average of 4.9 points.  In one of the rare GOP wins of the past 24 years, it was as close as 2.5 points.  If Trump can win Ohio big enough, he will pull Pennsylvania, and potentially Michigan as well, especially if he benefits from higher black support and help from the legendary Reagan Democrats.  Florida has voted right of Ohio in five of the last six elections, and North Carolina votes right of Florida.

Do not allow the media to steal this election without a fight.



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Trump rally in Cleveland, October 22, 2016


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