"We Build the Wall" Completes First Half Mile of US Border Wall in 4 Days from Private Donations

Article author: 
Jim Hoft
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Gatewau Pundit
Article date: 
28 May 2019
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National News
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For months the liberal media mocked “We Build the Wall” founder and organizer Brian Kolfage and his plan to use private donations to help build the much-needed security wall between the US and Mexico. Brian raised over $20 million in private donations from over 260,000 individuals to build a border wall on the US southern border.

In January Brian announced the “We Build the Wall” leadership board that includes: Erik Prince, Kris Kobach, Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza, Sheriff David Clarke, former Rep. Tom Tancredo and others....

This Memorial Day Weekend the “We Build the Wall” organization built their first half mile of border wall near El Paso, Texas....



Brian [Kolfage], a war veteran and triple amputee added, “We wanted to prove to the American people that in a time of need we can come together like we used to and get things done that are big. And I think we’re at a time where we realize that our government and politicians aren’t representing the people.”...

"From start to finish, from the time we found the property to the time we built the wall was 57 days. 57 days! We got a contractor, we got a plan, and we implemented it over the weekend and got this wall built!”...

Brian and former Kansas State Secretary of State Kris Kobach are on the border this weekend as this section of the wall goes up....

Kris [Kobach] told us, “The Army Corp of Engineers said it was impossible to build the wall here. They looked at the incline that climbs 300 ft over the course of this half mile and they said it cant be built. We proved them wrong.”
Congratulations to Brian Kolfage, Kris Kobach and the entire “We Build the Wall” team.
“We Build the Wall” is making plans for 2-3 more border wall segments.