We Can Have Nice Things Again

Article author: 
David M. Zsutty
Article publisher: 
Counter Currents
Article date: 
25 June 2023
Article category: 
Our American Future
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If I had to choose a single word to describe the United States in the current year, it would be decay. Society, law, and standards of living are in free fall, and this spiritual decay is mirrored in the physical realm in crumbling infrastructure and the woke destruction of monuments...

The contrast between Hungary and the US is even more striking because Hungary was on the losing side of the Second World War and subsequently occupied by Communists for decades...

Barring total genocide, nations can outlast even the most brutal of occupations in a quiet battle of wills...

Woke iconoclasm is now targeting the monuments of any and all white men simply for being white. Hence even statues of Abraham Lincoln are now being targeted...

White America* can survive its occupation, just as Hungary did. The best way to do so is by never forgetting that we are indeed occupied, as this will undermine the regime’s legitimacy. Every political order needs legitimacy to function. Even the Soviet Union was desperate for legitimacy, otherwise it would not have expended so much effort on propaganda...

One day, the current regime in the United States will be dust as well. White America will remain, and our current decay will be replaced with growth. And we will have nice things again.


* While Whites are indeed being attacked as a people in America, it is important to realize that Whites are a proxy for American heritage, culture, and values. Ultimately, woke attacks on Whites are an attack on America itself.