'We Nuked a Town': Media Blackout On Ohio Environmental Disaster

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Journalists Covering It Arrested
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The mainstream media distractingly focuses on 99 Luft Balloons
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Pamela Geller
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18 February 2023
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National News
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We basically nuked a town with chemicals so we could get a railroad open
Silverado Caggiano, a hazardous materials specialist

Palestine, Ohio looks like a disaster movie....

Nearly 48 hours after the accident, the situation took a concerning turn when changing conditions within one of the rail cars led authorities to warn of a potential “major explosion.” Officials then took quick action, conducting a controlled release of vinyl chloride; on Twitter images of a towering plume of hazardous chemicals were shown to be seen from miles away. An entire town was evacuated, fish and livestock are dying. On Wednesday, residents were told it was safe to return home. But it isn’t.

Reporters are being arrested for simply reporting on the train derailment in Ohio which experts are saying is going to be the next Chernobyl.

This is a true environmental disaster....

An American journalist with NEWSNATION was arrested while covering news about a train that derailed in the US state of Ohio, because the government kept quiet about the train accident.

Bye bye first amendmentpic.twitter.com/OypM7hAksc

- ... Shoe8th (@SAA20107) February 13, 2023

They only evacuated people in a **1 mile** radius of the Ohio train crash site

The toxic acid rain cloud has a 200 mile radius (that we know of)

Now you know why the media won’t talk about this disaster pic.twitter.com/gAXEaK0wJ8

— DC_Draino (@DC_Draino) February 13, 2023

Hazardous cloud of polyvinyl chloride in Ohio… photos...


Is this the REAL inside scoop on that nasty Ohio train derailment? by Lysander Boomer, 13 February 2023.

Good video explaining the environmental disaster, 7 February 2023.

Emergency Officials Responding to Two More Train Derailments – One in South Carolina, Another in Texas (VIDEO), Gateway Pundit, 13 February 2023.

The Largest Environmental Disaster in US History? by Alexandra Bruce, Forbidden Knowledge TV / Lew Rockwell, 15 February 2023:

... And I’m not talking about the fake Climate Change catastrophism promoted by the World Economic Forum, I’m talking about the ~100,000 gallons or 1,000,000 pounds of vinyl chloride leaked, spilled and burned, due to a train derailment in this rural town of 5,000 people, where acid rain and phosgene is expected to decimate a wide swathe of the region’s ecology. The devastation will likely force migrations of people, many of whom will get cancer later on. This is an American Chernobyl.

Dioxins result whenever chlorinated organics like vinyl chloride are burned. Dioxins are degraded slowly in the environment, with a half-life of 25-100 years in the soil. They cause cancers, reproductive harm, damage the immune system and they disrupt hormones....

The toxic plume of airborne hydrochloric acid and dioxin from the East Palestine “controlled burn” has a radius of over 200 miles encompassing Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cleveland and Toronto....

It’s not known what caused the derailment but security camera footage taken 20 miles away from the scene of the accident in Salem, OH shows sparks and flames shooting beneath one of the cars. Hot box detectors should have triggered the emergency brake but that doesn’t appear to have happened.

My friends over at American Intelligence Media say something stinks about the derailment. They think this event may be a harbinger of the dread internet shutdown we’ve been warned about for years, noting that internet fiber trunk lines, wherever possible, are embedded under railroad rights of way and that...

Speaking of simulations and smoking guns, the Netflix movie, ‘White Noise’ appears to have been one of those Event 201-type tabletop exercises, training for the events in East Palestine....

Why was the East Palestine tank car blown up? by R. Thomas Meloy, American thinker, 20 February 2023:

... The first question is, what was causing the pressure to build? Physically there is no difference between a tank sitting on its wheels on a track and a tank lying on its side on the ground. There is nothing about a tank lying on the ground that would cause pressure to build. Was there a fire around the rail cars? I’ve seen nothing indicating that this was the case, nor is it likely there was a wild land fire in the middle of winter in Ohio. How did they know pressure was building? Were they monitoring a pressure gauge on the tank? If so, they were close enough to put out any fire that might be threatening the tank. Furthermore, transport tanks are equipped with a pressure relief valve that would not allow pressure to build enough to burst them. Note if the contents of a transport tank are so hazardous that they are unsafe to vent via a relief valve, additional requirements are imposed on tank strength and integrity during accidents....

Because rollovers and derailments are expected, hazardous transport tanks are designed to survive them....

Finally, these tanks are made of ductile material, typically mild carbon steel. They do not eject shrapnel whey they burst.

Local Farmer Sounds the Alarm: Why Did East Palestine Launch ‘MyID’ Emergency Service to Surveil Biometrics 1 Week Before Ohio Train Derailment?, Gateway Pundit, 19 February 2023.