Welcome to My Third World Home. May I Take Your Vote?

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William Marshall
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12 November 2020
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National News
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... the litany of allegations – even if largely anecdotal – and wonder which South American hellhole we’ve been transported to. Republican poll watchers not being allowed to observe ballot counting and being told to “call the police” in order to get in? Windows of Detroit polling stations being covered with cardboard so no one can peer in to watch the goings on, all helpfully captured on videotape? Hundreds of thousands of ballots being dumped at 4 a.m., all going to one candidate, Joe Biden?  Mysterious computer “glitches” causing millions of votes to flip from Trump to Biden – and seemingly always from Trump to Biden – in multiple jurisdictions or to simply disappear in the battleground states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan? The Wisconsin Elections Commission issuing an illegal directive to county clerks to “cure” (i.e., fix) improperly completed ballots in order to make them acceptable? (This same illegal “ballot-curing” problem occurred in Democrat-run jurisdictions in Pennsylvania.) Voting districts in Milwaukee with over 200 hundred percent turnout?...

As ably described by John Mills at Epoch Times, the creativity and number of channels by which fraud (or apparent fraud) occurred in this election was remarkable....

Perhaps the most insidious and frightening form of voter and electoral fraud is the manipulation of vote tallies through computer hacking. In an incredibly informative presentation that every American voter should watch, cyber security expert Russell Ramsland of Allied Security Operations Group walks us through the enormous vulnerabilities that are present in virtually all electronic state election systems, which are contracted out to six private companies controlling at least 92 percent of US elections....

A principal myth is that these systems are “air-gapped”, i.e., not connected to the Internet. That is false.... He says, “The software is so bad and so porous that anyone wishing to hack this system and change votes can then also change the audit trails.”...

One of the biggest problems with the presidential election system is voter data for 28 states gets transferred from computers across the US, and into servers in Germany, owned by a Spanish company called SCYTL, and then looped back. ASOG’s experts would have been able to alter vote tabulations at numerous points in this system and Ramsland assures us that malevolent actors could easily as well....


Video: Interview with Russell Ramsland on Electronic Vote Fraud:

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