What a real border crisis looks like, in a chart

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Former DHS official on "full-blown emergency" at southern border
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Monica Showalter
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American Thinker
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6 June 2019
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National News
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If there's any question about a border crisis hitting the United States, take a look at this recent chart from the Customs and Border Protection agency. The latest line is the red line:

US Southwest border apprehensions FY 2019 June 2019


The figures show a border out of control, and absolutely no resources deployed to maintain any control over the border. The Border Patrol calls it, quite rightly, "an emergency." The lawmen can't house that many unvetted people looking for 'free' government services, and they're coming in huge waves now, fattening the cartels and allowing them to transport drugs as lawmen babysit moms-and-kids among the migrant waves, so catch-and-release is about all that can be done. 
They've been calling it a crisis for months now, and there has been intelligence about a huge wave in the making. The Border Patrol, three months ago, projected a million migrants planning to enter the U.S. illegally, and a Gallup poll showed that five million Latin Americans plan to come here one way or another this year (with 42 million intending to come in total.) The presence of unvetted people from well beyond Latin America, such as the 153 apprehended from Africa in just one mass crossing, suggests that everything that's been predicted is coming true....
Trump's apparently opting to sacrifice of the U.S. economy to remedy the matter in a desperate bid to get some kind of control over the surge....
If Trump loses the economy, Democrats have him just where they want him, with both a border surge and a bad economy keeping voters away in 2020. After that, Democrats stop at nothing to get him out of office and prosecuted.
It's a huge and dangerous crisis, and it's what Democrats, who have nothing to sell to voters, really want.
Trump should pass this chart around and start to blast this outrageous agenda put on by cynical failed political opposition. And voters must stick by him, come hell or high water, given the incredibly high stakes.

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