What We Know: 'Mass Arrest' Of Marines Over Alleged Human Smuggling

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Merrit Kennedy
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26 July 2019
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National News
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The Navy has apprehended 18 Marines and one sailor over their alleged involvement in human smuggling, drug offenses and other crimes, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service said.

Sixteen of the Marines were arrested in highly public fashion at a major West Coast military base Thursday.

On Thursday morning, after some 800 Marines gathered in formation at Camp Pendleton north of San Diego, Marine officials working with NCIS pulled out 16 people and placed them under arrest, as NPR's Tom Bowman reported ...

Another human smuggling investigation provided the information that led to the arrests. Two Marines who were also from Camp Pendleton were arrested on July 3 on allegations they helped three migrants enter the U.S. from Mexico ...

According to court documents, Law and Salazar-Quintero were apprehended by a U.S. Border Patrol agent as they drove on an interstate highway about 7 miles north of the border. There were three passengers in the back seat who stated they were citizens of Mexico without immigration documents. They told authorities that they planned to pay $8,000 to get into the U.S. ...