What's Happening at the Southern Border Isn't Just an Invasion, But a Crime

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Tucker Carlson Episode 30
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Tucker Carlson
Article date: 
13 October 2023
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National News
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The result [of open borders] is that our country is changing faster than it ever has. But not through democratic means. Instead by force - through waves of mass immigration that not a single American voted for.

What's happening is a crime. It violates both federal law and the core precepts of democracy, which is that citizens get to govern their own country. This is election rigging on a mass scale, and it's fueled by anti-White racial hostility. That's not a guess - the people doing it say so out loud and brag about it. They are criminals. They must be punished for what they have done.


Egypt’s smart: They built a giant above-and-below-ground WALL at the border with Gaza to keep Hamas out, Revolver, 13 October 2023.

Watchdog Group Sues Biden’s DHS for Hiding ‘Special Amnesty’ Policy to Fly Deported Illegal Aliens Back to U.S., Breitbart, 24 October 2023.