White Ethnonationalism Is Coming To America

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Respectable Right’s Conflicted Reaction To Orbán
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Washington Watcher II
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1 August 2022
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National News
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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivered one of the most powerful speeches of his life recently, and the Leftist Regime Media lost its collective mind. Speaking at a Romanian event, Orbán stressed the importance of race to his version of nationalism, and declared that Hungary must resist becoming a “mixed-race” country. This was no declaration that Hungary is just defined by “ideas” or “culture.” Orbán believes that Hungarians define Hungary, and vows to protect his people from the ravages of globalism. This situation puts his Respectable Right U.S. fans in an awkward position. They want Orbán to be a friendly civic nationalist who simply wants to boost Hungarian birthrates in a non-racist way. But his powerful speech reminds us that nationalism must address race.

Counter-Currents website performed a great service by translating and posting the 9,000-word speech in full, and it’s well worth the read [The West Has Moved to Central Europe, by Viktor Orbán, July 27, 2022].

Orbán warned his audience about the many dangers posed to Western Civilization: the shrinking number of Europeans, the rise in non-European births, and mass migration, which he called “population replacement.” He endorsed Jean Raspail’s Camp of the Saints for showing “the spiritual developments underlying the West’s inability to defend itself.” Immigration has split the West, Orban says:

One half is a world where European and non-European peoples live together. These countries are no longer nations; they are nothing more than a conglomeration of peoples. I could also say that it is no longer the Western world, but the post-Western world. And around 2050, the laws of mathematics will lead to the final demographic shift: cities in this part of the continent—or that part—will see the proportion of residents of non-European origin rising to over 50% of the total.

And here we are in Central Europe—in the other half of Europe, or of the West. If it were not somewhat confusing, I could say that the West—let’s say the West in its spiritual sense—has moved to Central Europe: The West is here, and what is left over there is merely the post-West.

You would never see an American or Western European politician...  dare broach this subject. Few have the guts to point out the obvious: Importing non-westerners changes a nation...

But the most controversial and racially-explicit part of the speech came a few paragraphs later:

In such a multi-ethnic context, there is an ideological feint here that is worth talking about and focusing on. The internationalist Left employs a feint, an ideological ruse: the claim—their claim—that Europe by its very nature is populated by peoples of mixed race. This is a historical and semantic sleight of hand, because it conflates two different things. There is a world in which European peoples are mixed together with those arriving from outside Europe. Now that is a mixed-race world. And there is our world, where people from within Europe mix with one another, move around, work, and relocate. So, for example, in the Carpathian Basin we are not mixed-race: We are simply a mixture of peoples living in our own European homeland. And, given a favorable alignment of stars and a following wind, these peoples merge together in a kind of Hungaro-Pannonian sauce, creating their own new European culture. This is why we have always fought: We are willing to mix with one another, but we do not want to become peoples of mixed race. This is why we fought at Nándorfehérvár [Belgrade], this is why we stopped the Turks at Vienna, and—if I am not mistaken —this is why, in still older times, the French stopped the Arabs at Poitiers....

His real message was found in the speech delivered in Hungarian. And that’s the message American immigration patriots must hear.

We’re not civic nationalists. We don’t think Indian immigrants can easily join the Historic American Nation simply because they’re entrepreneurial or can speak English. We want to preserve the people who actually made this country and ensure they remain the majority....

Prediction: it won’t be long before the American Conservatives Establishment is forced to retreat and accept ethnonationalism in their own country.


The West Has Moved to Central Europe, by Viktor Orbán, July 27, 2022:



What Americans Can Learn From Viktor Orbán’s Courage - We need to speak candidly about uncomfortable issues such as race, culture, nationalism, and the reality of the demographic winter upon us, by Gavin Wax, American Greatness, 1 August 2022.