White House didn't OK [criminal illegal alien] immigrant releases

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13 August 2014
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National News
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More than 2,000 immigrants facing deportation in 2013 were released strictly for budget reasons by immigration agency officials who kept the homeland security secretary in the dark about the plan, according to a federal watchdog's report.

This lack of communication led the Obama administration to wrongly deny for weeks that 2,228 immigrants facing deportation had been released, according to the report Tuesday from the Homeland Security Department's inspector general ...

The White House and the Homeland Security Department disputed AP's reporting ...

Napolitano said days after the AP published its story that the report was "not really accurate" and that it had developed "its own mythology."

It was not immediately clear why Napolitano did not correct her statements about the accuracy of AP's reporting between March 1 and two weeks later, when Morton acknowledged the releases ...

Seems to be a familiar WH refrain of being was unaware...

Among the somewhat lengthy list is;

  • President Obama on Fast and Furious: “I certainly was not” aware of gunwalking
  • “Obama ‘Unaware of Illegal Aunt’ ”–headline, BBC website, Nov. 1, 2008
  • President Obama: ‘I was not personally aware of any request’ for additional Benghazi security
  • “Sebelius: Obama Unaware of ACA Website Glitches Before Launch”–headline, CaliforniaHealthline.org, Oct. 23, 2013