A White-Out of Whites: Ignoring the Albino, Dhimmi Elephant In the Room

Article author: 
Ilana Mercer
Article publisher: 
American Renaissance
Article date: 
29 May 2021
Article category: 
National News
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... Stateside, there have been some gains in working to outlaw the CRT [Critical Race Theory] poison percolating throughout American schools. Tennessee has led the way. Other states have introduced measures to ban or curb anti-white propagandizing by the nation’s eager pedagogues.

Alas, the intellectual means of production remain firmly under the control of progressives. As part of the lucrative “racial-industrial-complex” (a Jack Kerwick coinage), Critical Race Theory enjoys muscular advocates.

Its adversaries, however, are weak and flaccid....

White kids are Critical Race Theory’s innocent targets in schools. Yet not one of the anointed critics of the critical-race bile has stated the obvious, and that is that, while white kids are brow-beaten; black and brown kids are buoyed by Critical Race Theory;... The true victims of the critical race miseducation are white kids, as they are the sole repository of hate and aggression in this critical-race blitzkrieg....

Quit intoning like automatons that Critical Race Theory is about socialism, or Marxism. CRT is about and against whites....

Strictly speaking, Critical Race Theory is not even traditionally racist; it’s exclusively anti-white. It is pro all races other than white....

Critical Race Theory’s central project is to make whites accept dhimmitude, not socialism....

Marxism fingers social class; critical race saddles whites. Deal with it! 


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5 minute video: Taking on Woke Inc, by Ben Shapiro, May 31, 2021:  You can lead the pushback.

Tucker Carlson Slams Biden's 'Disgusting' Tulsa Speech As An Anti-White 'Racial Attack', Information Liberation, June 2, 2021:

Tucker Carlson delivered a fiery monologue on his show Wednesday night wherein he denounced Joe Biden's "disgusting" speech in Tulsa as an anti-white "racial attack" and debunked Biden's claim that so-called "white supremacy" is the greatest threat to America.
"During the speech, Biden declared that the most lethal threat in the United States is not the cyber attacks, for example, shutting down our supplies of essentials like gasoline and meat, it's not terrorism, it's not gang warfare, no, it's people who don't agree with Joe Biden," Carlson said. "He calls them 'white supremacists.'"...
"For comparison, 774 people were murdered in the city of Chicago alone just last year! And very few of the perpetrators were white nationalists, we can tell you! ...