Who Will Tell the Truth About Joe Biden?

The inability of the mainstream media to accurately cover any of Joe Biden’s foibles is truly astonishing. If it was not already obvious by now, there is simply nothing Biden can say or do, no matter how incoherent, offensive, or alarming that would cause the current crop of “objective journalists” in the mainstream media, to even consider asking whether or not he has the mental capacity to be president of the United States....

The mainstream media finds Trump so morally and ethically repugnant that they would rather risk losing whatever credibility they have left, than to even suggest that a stumbling and often confused Biden has any businesses determining the U.S. tax code or holding China accountable for unleashing the Wuhan virus on the entire world. Instead of reporting on what should be fairly obvious to anyone with eyes or ears, the media seems to believe their main job is not only to protect Biden, but to prop him up by making him look as coherent and effective a leader as possible.....

Anyone who has watched Biden speak over the last several months knows that this is not the same Biden who served in the Senate for thirty-six years and then subsequently as vice president for another eight years. This might not even be the same Biden who we saw on the debate stage during the Democratic primaries last year.  The one who said in response to a question about the legacy of slavery, “The teachers are -- I’m married to a teacher, my deceased wife is a teacher... It’s not that they don’t want to help, they don’t know what to play the radio, make sure the television -- excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night, the -- make sure that kids hear words.”...

Last week at an event in Delaware, Biden stood at the podium, while his staffers called on preselected journalists. One could be forgiven for wondering if these were reporters or Biden campaign officials who were asking him the questions. Biden, who was often caught glancing down at his notes on the podium, with prepared answers to the “questions,” should not have had to use them....

... we are left with fawning reporters who cover for Biden’s declining cognitive skills and provide him every opportunity to attack Trump. They are complicit in one of the greatest coverups ever orchestrated by the mainstream media.


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