Why Americans Must Demand An Immigration Shutdown

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Our U.S. population will double this century - within the lifetimes of children born today. 70% of this doubling will be caused by mass immigration-
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Frosty Wooldridge
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Before It's News
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10 September 2015
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Our American Future
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Today, in America, with 321 million citizens, seven states face imminent water shortages ...

Liberal professor Philip Cafaro, Colorado State University, in his latest book asks the most important question in America today: How Many Is Too Many? Throughout his book, he references scientific facts on water, energy and resources ...

Cafaro invited the American people to demand a 10-year moratorium on all legal and illegal immigration in order for our country to get a handle on our problems.

He’s not alone, the late Dr. Albert Bartlett at the University of Colorado said, “Unlimited population growth cannot be sustained; you cannot sustain growth in the rates of consumption of resources. No species can overrun the carrying capacity of a finite land mass. This Law cannot be repealed and is not negotiable.” ...

These experts committed their lives to “carrying capacity”; “quality of life” and “environmental stasis” issues ...

We demand a stable population that allows everyone to live, work and thrive into the 21st century. Especially our children ...


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